ACT Profile

Students, parents, and educators can make accounts on this site. It is similar to a social networking site in that users can make “connections” with people that they know. This allows parents and educators to view the results of the inventories that students take. The site has an interest, abilities, and values inventory. The results of these inventories help guide students to areas of career interests. The site houses a lot of information about specific careers.

STRONG Interest Inventory

This inventory is administered to juniors at New Way. It looks at a student’s interest areas and serves as a great starting place for greater exploration of careers.

ONET Online and AZCIS

Both websites are great tools for students to use when gathering information about careers and what they entail.


It is important for students to start putting together a resume when they are still in high school. This allows them to update it as they participate in activities, receive awards, and earn community service hours. A resume template and sample resume are attached below.

Cover Letter
Cover letters are an essential part of getting a job. We want students to understand the importance of first impressions on paper and to have a clear idea of what a cover letter looks like. A cover letter template is attached below.

Being Prepared
1. Dress to impress!
2. Make a good first impression by shaking the interviewer’s hand, making eye contact, and introducing yourself.
3. Be on time!
4. Come prepared with your resume.
5. Ask questions.

Common Interview Questions
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What interests you about this job?
3. Why are you thinking about leaving your job?/ Why did you leave your last job?
4. Why would you excel at this job?
5. What do you know about our company so far?
6. Tell me about a time when…
You overcame a challenge.
You handled a mistake that you made.
7. What is most important to you in a new position?
8. What questions do you have for me?


Disclosure in the Workplace
When individuals with a disability start work, they have the option to disclose their disability to their employer to receive reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This decision and process is very personal for many students. The articles below provide insight into understanding this decision.

Youth, Disclosure, and the Workplace – U.S, Department of Labor
Advising Youth with Disabilities on Disclosure – U.S. Department of Labor
The Americans with Disabilities Act – LD Online

Career Skill Rubric
When students are entering the workplace, it is can be helpful to have a resource for assessing some of the skills that make a successful employee. Attached below is a career skills rubric that covers communication, collaboration, self- monitoring, self- care, and self- regulation,